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Your REALrating gives you a better indication of your academic capabilities, taking into account factors such as schooling that can affect grades

A-Level results are affected by many factors: A student at a top performing school may get higher grades than someone elsewhere with the same academic potential

Studies shows that student from some backgrounds do much better at universities than their A-Levels predict

Many universities now give lower offers to some students to recognise their unrealized academic potential

Graduate employers are increasingly looking beyond A-Level grades to assess academic potential

Your REALrating gives Employers a fairer measure of your academic of your academic achievements than A-Level grades alone

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How we build your REALrating


REALratings are produced using a sophisticated model that takes into account factors such as school type and background.

The methodology is based on a comprehensive review of the published research into how background and school type influence academic performance and analysis of how universities and employers are using contextualised data to inform admissions and recruitment.

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We passionately believe that
relative performance matters more than grades alone


Academic performance should be understood in the context of factors such as school attended and background.

Who has achieved the most?
A student who got ABB and was the top performer in their school? Or a student who achieved ABB at a school where these grades were typical.

The REALrating gives employers
a simple way to recognise the true academic and career potential of a student.


The REALrating methodology has been created by upReach, a social mobility charity. To find out
how upReach help eligible students achieve their career goals, click here.

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